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More than just organic soaps

“My heartfelt gratitude to all our resellers who play a big part on the growth of our company. Through the Bayanihan Program we reached our goal to grow the community of our resellers all over the county.”

In past years, more and more skincare companies have shifted to using natural and organic ingredients in their products to carry the “clean label.” This is a guarantee that no preservatives and artificial ingredients can be found in said product.

Green beauty, also often called “eco beauty,” has triggered spikes in public consciousness across the country, with one of the true-to-nature brands successfully emerging as Diwatang Maria — a proudly Filipino brand of high-quality soaps.


Its founder and CEO Ma. Concepcion Macalintal started Diwatang Maria back in 2018 after seeing the need to provide beauty products that would not only help consumers attain the results they want, but are also organic, safe to use, free from harmful and toxic ingredients, and safe for the environment.

At a virtual event, Macalintal said, “The focus of the brand is to provide premium, natural, organic and eco-friendly skincare products. Our mission really is to lead the green beauty movement and bring out the best in every skin type using plant-derived skin care products and to offer sustainable skin care solutions not only locally but also abroad.”

She furthered, “Aside from that, we want to be a world-class distributor and retailer of organic skin care products and champion on social entrepreneurship, social responsibility and sustainability.”

Born in 2018 at Sta. Rosa, Laguna, the company only decided this pandemic year to move to Taguig in May 2020.

“Diwatang Maria began pushing the brand only a couple of weeks before the lockdown, which became our biggest hurdle to move and market the products. No one was prepared for the lockdown and who would have thought that we would witness this global pandemic and economic crisis? But we are blessed to experience little successes amid all these trials,” she stressed.

Asked why she began the brand, Macalintal replied, “I have so much faith in the ingenuity of Filipinos and I love our culture. I quit my career because I know in my heart, I have good products to offer and I want to reach out to many people who are depressed over skin conditions. I was in the same position before.”

Meanwhile, as to the name Diwatang Maria, Macalintal traces it to her roots in Laguna.

“I have a bit of a bias because I’m there. I studied in University of the Philippines Los Baños and as you can imagine, most of my life, I was with Maria Makiling at the foot of the mountains,” she explained.

“I was influenced by the diwatas because in the Philippine pre-colonial times, three diwatas or goddesses were known for their power and beauty. Legend has it that the diwatas protect the mountains that they inhabit. Inspired by the stories of how they protect the environment, we choose to create organic products, which aren’t harmful to Mother Nature.”


At the moment Diwatang Maria have three pilot products which are all FDA-approved. These are Maria Makiling with papaya enzyme and kojic acid which lightens uneven skin, fades dark spots, melasma and hyper-pigmentation; Diwatang Maria Sinukuan with glutathione and kojic acid for skin brightening; and Diwatang Maria Cacao, with collodial oatmeal and kernels, shea butter for anti-aging.

In the past months, Diwatang Maria is grateful that their online platforms attracted many resellers across the country began offering the soaps.

“On our 2nd anniversary last September, we launched our Bayanihan Program, which was aimed at getting at least 200 resellers by offering them a reseller kit that only cost P1632, inclusive of 15 soaps and sample soaps.”

The Bayanihan Program was mounted to help people who needed to earn money while in quarantine.

“My heartfelt gratitude to all our resellers who play a big part on the growth of our company. Through the Bayanihan Program we reached our goal to grow the community of our resellers all over the county.”

Moreover, Macalintal shared how Diwatang Maria has reached foreign shores this year. They are now in the Bahamas, Singapore and the United Kingdom, thanks to Filipinos living there who are just as passionate to promote local products.

Currently, Diwatang Maria’s premium organic soaps are available via Shopee, Lazada, All Day Supermarket, SM Kultura, Sesou and other online stores and social media platforms.


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