‘Green beauty’ for her – Diwatang Maria

‘Green beauty’ for her

‘Green beauty’ for her

Pursing the movement of “Green Beauty,” which highlights the use of non-toxic, natural and organic ingredients in personal care products, local start-up brand Diwatang Maria brings to the market a safer choice for skincare with its range of soaps.

Promoting the use of locally made organic goods at the same time, they launched three pilot products: Mariang Makiling combines the efficacy of papaya enzyme and Kojic acid in improving the appearance of melasma and hyperpigmentation; Mariang Sinukuan contains oatmeal kernels and colloidal oatmeal that free the skin from irritation and itching; and Mariang Cacao, the chocolate-scented variant nourishes the skin through the benefits from oatmeal kernels, colloidal oatmeal, and shea butterto delay aging and boost the production of collagen.

The soaps, which are all-natural, paraben-free and free of other harmful ingredients, are available via popular shopping apps.


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