About Us – Diwatang Maria


Who We Are

In the Philippine pre-colonial times, three diwatas (goddesses) were known for their power and beauty. Legend has it that the diwatas protect the mountains they inhabit. Inspired by how they protect the environment, Diwatang Maria puts at core the creation of natural products – from  manufacturing to delivery – that cares for the environment as well as for the skin.

“Maria Makiling is known for her light olive skin and long shiny black hair”

“Maria Sinukuan is thought to have flawless, beautiful skin”

“Maria Cacao was described with magnificently fair skin”


Lead the green beauty movement and bring out the best in every skin type using plant derived skin care products. Offer sustainable skin care solutions not only locally but also abroad.


To be a world- class distributor and retailer of organic skin care products and champion on social entrepreneurship, social responsibility and sustainability.