About Diwatas

We offer Diwatang Maria, high-quality and locally made beauty soaps inspired by the diwatas, the pre-colonial Philippine goddesses.

Our start-up company blends science and passion for natural beauty to give you the gift of glowing and healthy skin like that of the diwatas. Our team aims to promote healthy skin through our Diwatang Maria products, which are crafted with care and export-level standards.

We have three variants: Maria Makiling for skin lightening; Maria Sinukuan for moisturizing and skin lightening; and Maria Cacao for moisturing, all with delicious and calming scents. Lastly, we aim to encourage Filipinas to be part of the Diwatang Maria community where we strive to bring out the inner goddesses in you. Watch out for our beauty tips, wellness advice and other gifts from the diwatas.